As an advisory to our visitors, the NOAA has issued a coastal flood advisory in effect on Wednesday, September 30, 2015, from 10 am this morning to 1 pm this afternoon. If you are planning on visiting the ship today, please note that the parking lot, will see major flooding and may be difficult getting in and out of the visitors center to board the ship.  But, the ship is still open.

Welcome - USS North Carolina Battleship


Moored in quiet dignity and majesty the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA, across the river from downtown Wilmington, beckons visitors to walk her decks. Envision the daily life and fierce combat her crew faced in the Pacific Theatre during World War II.

From all across our Nation they came, young men who had grown up in the crucible of the Great Depression and now determined to serve their Country in its time of need. These are the men whose stories you will encounter through their oral histories, photographs, and mementos as you experience the Ship and the exhibits.

Step back in time and let history come alive through the crews’ stories. Discover and build your personal connection by steering the ship, starting her engines or even firing the guns. The Battleship NORTH CAROLINA It's Your Experience.


The USS NORTH CAROLINA Battleship from Helios Aerial on Vimeo.