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The Battleship’s photograph, paper and book archives are primarily a research source for historical and technical information about the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA (BB-55) but there are also materials on the other NORTH CAROLINA ships. Send inquiries to the Curator, Mary Ames Booker, at

The Battleship does not keep official military records. The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration maintains all official military records. Military veterans or next-of-kin of a deceased veteran may order a copy of the records through the website


The Battleship collects, preserves and exhibits objects and records that relate to the prime artifact, the USS NORTH CAROLINA (BB-55) and five other ships named NORTH CAROLINA. The collecting scope for objects and records is:

  • The item is related to the construction or service of NORTH CAROLINA (BB-55) (1936-1947) or her retention in the Reserve Fleet in Bayonne, New Jersey (1947-1961) or the men who served on her (1941-1947).
  • The item is related to the construction, service or men of five additional ships named NORTH CAROLINA: Ship of the Line, Confederate Ironclad, Armored Cruiser (ACR-12), BB52 and Submarine SSN-777.
  • The item is related to the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA as the state’s World War II memorial in Wilmington (1961- Present).
  • The item is representative of objects or documents common to the eras of ships named NORTH CAROLINA and not represented in the collection.

If you have something you would like to donate, please contact Curator Mary Ames Booker at  We make no commitment concerning the display of donated item(s) or their perpetual retention.