Weight: 2,633 tons
Length: 193 feet 3 inches
Beam: 53 feet 6 inches
Complement: 820 (original sources cite a crew of 1,000)
Guns: 74 guns: 42-pounders and 32-pounders
Launched: 1820 (we say served 1821-1867)
Sold: 1867
First commissioned of a new class of ships authorized by Congress April 29, 1816.
Constructed in the Philadelphia Naval Yard.


Keel Laid: June 1862
Launched: 1863
Commissioned: June 10, 1863
Sank September 27, 1864
Builder: Benjamin Beery and Brothers, Wilmington NC
Materials: pine on lower section and oak on upper section (no hull sheathing)
Armor: 2-4 inches of rolled iron plates to the waterline, forged at Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond, Virginia
Length: 174 feet overall, 150 feet from stem post to stern post
Beam: extreme beam of 45 feet; molded beam of 34 feet
Draft: approximately 12 feet
Displacement: 600 tons (estimate)
Propeller: single screw, 8 feet in diameter
Speed: 3-4 knots; engine from the steam tug Uncle Ben
Armament: 4 Brooke rifles (two 7-inch and two 6.4-inch) mounted on the main deck


Displacement: 14,500
Length: 504 feet 6 inches
Beam: 72 feet 11 inches
Draft: 25 feet
Speed: 22 knots
Complement: 859
Main Battery: four 10-inch
Secondary Battery: 16 six-inch
Other Guns: 22 three-inch; 12 three-pounders; four one-pounders; two .30 calibers;
Four 21-inch torpedo tubes
Built: Newport News Shipbuilding Company, Norfolk, Virginia
Keel laid: March 21, 1905
Launched: October 6, 1906
Commissioned: May 7, 1908
Renamed CHARLOTTE: June 7, 1920
Decommissioned: February 18, 1921
Sold for scrapping: September 29, 1930


Standard displacement: 41,400
Full displacement: 43,200
Length: 684 feet
Beam: 106 feet
Speed: 23 knots
Horsepower: 60,000
Complement: 62 officers, 1129 enlisted
Main battery: twelve 16-inch/50 cal
Secondary: sixteen 6-inch/53 cal; eight 3-inch/50 cal
Torpedo tubes: two 21-inch submerged
Built: Newport News Shipbuilding, Norfolk, Virginia
Keel laid: January 12, 1920
Cancelled: Feb 8, 1922 when 36.7% completed


Standard displacement, 1942: 36,600
Full displacemen, 1942: 44,800
Length: 729 feet
Beam: 108 feet
Speed: 28 knots
Horsepower, ahead: 121,000
Complement: 144 officers; 2,115 enlisted; 85 marines
Main battery: nine 16-inch/45 cal
Secondary: twenty 5-inch/38 cal
Antiaircraft: fifteen quad 40mm guns; 20mm single and twin mounts varied from 36 to 53 guns
Built: New York Navy Yard, Brooklyn, New York
Keel laid: October 27, 1937
Commissioned: April 9, 1941
Decommissioned: June 27, 1947
Dedicated as a Memorial: April 29, 1962


Displacement: 7800 tons
Length: 337 feet
Beam: 34 feet
Speed: 25+ knots
Depth: 800+ feet
Complement 134
Weapons launch: four 21-inch torpedo tubes; 12 vertical launch system tubes
Weapons: Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles
Mk 48 advanced capability heavyweight torpedoes
Advanced mobile naval mines
Unmanned undersea vehicles
Special warfare: Dry deck shelter
Advanced SEAL delivery system
Nine-man lock-in/lock-out chamber
Sonars: Spherical active/passive array
Lightweight wide aperture array
High-frequency bow and sail array
Towed array
Built: Northrop Grumman Newport News Shipbuilding Company, Norfolk, Virginia, and
General Dynamics Electric Boat, Groton, Connecticut