Behind the Hatch is a private adventure that allows you to explore the Battleship YOUR way. Search through the hidden nooks and crannies from the inner bottom all the way to the top of the fire control tower! For individuals or groups up to eight people, work with the Museum Department to create your dream tour of the Battleship. Spend hours in one compartment, explore sections of interest to you or your group, or simply request the 4-hour Hidden Battleship tour, but for your group only. Perfect for model builders, authors and researchers seeking critical details or loads of fun for a group of friends who enjoy the adventure of custom in-depth exploration.

Program fee is $125 per hour for up to 8 people; additional participants at $15 per hour each for a maximum of 12 people total; fee does not include ship admission. Participants must be at least 12 years old. Available October through May and not on Sundays.

Reservations required at least one month in advance and dependent upon staff availability.

To make a reservation or to receive more information, please contact Shelly Robinson at or call 910-251-5797.