April 25-28, 2018
11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Participants must be registered.

The crew of the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA and their families return for their annual reunion.  Reunion activities open only to those registered for the events.  For information, contact or call 910-251-5797 ext 3006.


The USS NORTH CAROLINA Battleship Association is an organization of the Battleship’s crew and their families. The Association hosts an annual reunion in Wilmington with the next one scheduled for April 25 – 28, 2018. The crew and families very much look forward to their annual return to the Battleship to share stories, visit old friends and make new ones. The love they have for their ship makes a powerful bond. Darrell Adams publishes their newsletter, the TARHEEL, several times a year. Mr. Adams also runs the Association “chat line”, which helps everyone stay in touch.

The Association began in June 1962 shortly after the memorial’s official dedication in April. The Battleship’s first Superintendent, Rear Admiral William Maxwell, one of the Ship’s original engineering officers, who initiated the formation of the organization for crew members.

The formation of the Association was greatly helped by former Ship’s officer LCDR John Karrer who worked at the Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri. He forwarded crew members names and addresses to Jack Clements and Chuck Paty, two Association officers living in Charlotte, North Carolina. By July 1968, Karrer had located 7,243 names! Today, shipmates are still discovering their Ship.

The crew has been a tremendous asset to the Battleship through the years. They have given thousands of artifacts, recorded oral histories, donated funds, helped found the Friends of the Battleship, volunteered countless hours, and served on the USS NORTH CAROLINA Battleship Commission. The Battleship staff is proud to preserve their ship and share their story.

The Battleship would love to help crew members and their families reconnect with their Ship. If you are interested in joining the USS NC Battleship Association or finding out about the annual crew reunion, please contact Museum Services Director Kim Sincox.