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We are OPEN while the ship’s main mast is under repair.

As mast repairs continue on the Battleship, access to some areas of the Ship is restricted to ensure visitors’ safety. You can still enjoy touring all lower decks and most of the main deck to experience first-hand the proud history of the Battleship North Carolina. We will see you soon!

Moored in quiet dignity and majesty the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA, across the river from downtown Wilmington, beckons visitors to walk her decks. Envision the daily life and fierce combat her crew faced in the Pacific Theatre during World War II.

From all across our Nation they came, young men who had grown up in the crucible of the Great Depression and now determined to serve their Country in its time of need. These are the men whose stories you will encounter through their oral histories, photographs, and mementos as you experience the Ship and the exhibits.

Step back in time and let history come alive through the crews’ stories. Imagine yourself steering the ship, starting her engines or even firing the guns. JOIN THE CREW and be a part of Battleship history at the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA!

Living with Water

Living with Water is a current Battleship project that is vitally important in our ability to allow visitors to continue to safely come to the Battleship.  The Living with Water story starts here–learn why it is so important and how YOU can help.  To make a donation to the Living with Water project, click here.



Battle Star Collection

BATTLE★STAR COLLECTION | Own a piece of American history




Congratulations to Nic Nichols (Nicholas Nichols Knives) and Andy Sharpe (Bad Squirrel Forge) for being finalists for the 2022 Our State “Made in NC Awards” for the Battleship Jewelry Dog Tag Necklace!  This necklace is made with original Battleship steel and is only available on Battlestarcollection.com or in the Battleship’s Gift Shop.  This is sure to be a super hot seller, so get yours today!

Learn all about how the Battle Star Collection began by watching our Battleship to Blades video.

Shop online for Battle★Star Knives, Steel and Teak to share in the story and support of the most highly decorated American battleship in the Pacific Theater during World War II. Browse the collection >>.

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Visitor Safety Information: No running. Maintain control of children at all times. Flat, soft-sole shoes recommended. Watch where you step at all times. Stay on the tour route at all times -- Obey all signs. Pace yourself and stay hydrated. Use two hands on rails while climbing stairs. Use each step on stairs -- No jumping or sliding on rails. Do not lean over the side of the ship. Stay inside the ship during severe weather and lightning. Do not tour while under the influence of drugs/alcohol. Beware of alligators and other wildlife. It is against the law to swim, fish or disturb wildlife on historic state property. Report any dangers to Battleship staff.


Safety is our number one concern for our visitors. We have provided hand rails and non-slip tape but your choice in footwear is key in keeping you safe. Good footwear = flat, soft sole shoes such as athletic shoes, boat shoes or moccasins. Bad footwear = flip flops, flatform shoes or heels of any kind, including the small heel common on men's dress shoes and loafers.

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